Greetings from Scent Sciences President & CEO, Bill Wiles

As  Scent Sciences  continues to grow I thought I would share on the blog why we are all very excited about where we and the scent world are going.   If you are a long-time follower of Scent Sciences you will have watched us grow from a scent emitting device company to one with a unique disruptive technology platform incorporating an industry standard API, software suite, scent delivery devices and proprietary scent technologies.  So, why is this exciting?  We now have Continue reading

Video Games: Therapeutic Benefits?

ImageWhen most people think of video games, it is not usually associated with being positive or beneficial. The first thing that pops into my head when I think of video games is the visual of teenage boys with there eyes glued to the television or computer monitor, wasting endless hours trying to level-up or beat the next boss. Well, times have changed and video games are now being used for medical research.

One interesting Continue reading

Bringing Scents to Life

Ever wondered what a Zombie smelled like or what Mega-Man‘s blue armor smells similar to? Capcom, a developer and publisher of video games such as Resident Evil, Mega Man, and Street Fighter is joining fragrance company Epic-Scents to bring alive some scents from their franchises. The project will undergo starting this fall and will include scent packages of popular Capcom characters, according to project director Jim Kavanaugh. This product will be offered through gaming and comic retailers nation wide.

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The Best of E3

Last year was our first time at E3 and this year we were sad to miss the convention!  It can be such a plethora of innovation all in one place.   So, I’ve been bugging friends and surfing the Internet to find out what I missed.  I am pretty interested in Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends.  But what am I the most excited about?  Samsungs Cloud Gaming!

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The Gaming Experience


What amazes almost everyone that are not playing video games today…  is the popularity of video games.  It is true that actual game software and hardware sales are off just a tad this past year…  blame it on the economy, but the convergence of PC technology, videography and interactivity is now making this one-time occasional hobby into a serious leisure activity. Continue reading