The Gaming Experience


What amazes almost everyone that are not playing video games today…  is the popularity of video games.  It is true that actual game software and hardware sales are off just a tad this past year…  blame it on the economy, but the convergence of PC technology, videography and interactivity is now making this one-time occasional hobby into a serious leisure activity.

There are plenty of negative aspects to spending too much time on the ‘ol gaming console, but it is important to begin to think of gaming – both online and offline – as an important part of one’s life!  OK – so what’s missing in this equation?  Movement – no, sound – no, visual effects – no, fluid story line – no…  then what is it!  The “it” is smell!

When I first played Lora Craft’s Tomb Raider…  I actually never really got into the whole environment… and I now know why.  When she leaped into a dark room – I could not smell the kerosene-lit lamps nor the dank humidity hanging in the air. Nope – there were no puffs of new leather or foul-mouthed villains. The real game experience technology – that will completely capture the players of tomorrow – will be scent… the ability to quietly – on the side – puff out that sweet scent of lilac rising from the garden as the hero passes through the field of flowers or the rustic smell when you walk into a saloon in a western oriented game experience.

It will be important to design future generations of movement-based games that incorporate smell with each significant movement in a particular sequence. Why? Because if you have seen a contact sporting match [boxing through football and rugby], you know what the smells and sweat and dirt and field scents that make up that sport – are all the elements that allow you to like… err,,, maybe even LOVE that particular sporting event!  These scents MAKE that sport exciting! You know smell will be the final frontier for the true gamer and the industry that drives the products. Make no never mind that the USB device will add a bit onto the cost of the game itself – the overall experience will more than make up for this extra coin. If you want to truly be one with your gaming console… experience your games with scent in the near future – and you will never turn back my friends!

Written by Peter Young


2 thoughts on “The Gaming Experience

  1. Well I think you will have plenty of people in the gaming industry excited about this. I for one would love it! To add smell to a game and to have it formatted in Highdef would be perfect.

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