Bringing Scents to Life

Ever wondered what a Zombie smelled like or what Mega-Man‘s blue armor smells similar to? Capcom, a developer and publisher of video games such as Resident Evil, Mega Man, and Street Fighter is joining fragrance company Epic-Scents to bring alive some scents from their franchises. The project will undergo starting this fall and will include scent packages of popular Capcom characters, according to project director Jim Kavanaugh. This product will be offered through gaming and comic retailers nation wide.

The details of this project remain closely guarded, but this is supposed to complement and add a new dimension to the selected franchise’s characters and these specially formulated fragrances are expected to be used in personal care, household as well as  promotional products.

If you wanted to smell any specific characters from video games and or movies, who would it be? Please let us know in a comment.


One thought on “Bringing Scents to Life

  1. Have you thought about adding scent codes to the MIDI format? That would make it possible to ‘annotate’ music, original or otherwise. I think it would be fun to scentify Smetana’s Moldau, or Wagner’s Siegfried Idyll.

    MIDI is flexible enough to allow such additions, but they’d need to be standardized.

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