Scent Marketing in the Workplace

If you stop and try to think how your workplace smells like, can you identify a specific odor? Or can you at least remember how you feel when you think about it? I personally find it really easy to recreate in my mind the scents I smell every day, and with them also specific moods and attitudes I associate to those specific environments. For example, the smell of my house makes me feel relaxed and cosy, the smell of buses makes me feel anxious (because I’m usually in a rush), the smell of my office makes me feel productive and the smell of my university hall makes me feel concentrated.

Now, ‘because scent marketing is so effective at increasing sales in a retail setting, we might lose sight of the fact that Continue reading

Scent enabled Cell Phones

So Samsung has just received another patent for a scented cell phone. This will be their third patent, but this one is a bit different than the two previous ones. This phone is planned to have a refilling station when the phone is connected to a dock to recharge. This will recharge the scented sponge in the phone with aromas, but what kinds of scents will be released with this type of phone?

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Scent Marketing and Advertising

If you could pick an advertisement to smell on top of hearing and/or seeing it, which one would it be?

In South Korea, Dunkin’ Donuts installed a new scent technology into buses and public transit that would spray the scent of coffee into the air for people to smell. The spray was known as “Flavor Radio” and it was set off by the sound of the company’s advertisement when it played on the buses speakers. Continue reading

Scent Marketing: Powerful Point of Sale

“Today’s consumers are constantly being assaulted with marketing messages everywhere they turn, to the point where few register at all, and fewer are remembered for more than a moment.

How can forward-thinking marketers break through the clutter? Sensory marketing is the answer.” Continue reading