What Scent Reminds You of Autumn?

The results are in from our last poll! For those of you that didn’t get a chance to take our poll, the question was, “What scent reminds you of autumn?” The scent with the most votes was wet leaves, with 54% of the votes. I will also have to agree that the smell of wet leaves reminds me that fall has officially started and that winter is just around the corner. I can remember all the times I had to get up early and make the two mile trek to school, every time I took my first step out the door; I could smell the crisp scent of wet leaves in the air. The smell of wet leaves is quite a pleasant smell.

Currently there are no benefits for the scent of wet leaves, other than the smell brings back nostalgic memories of our childhood. There are benefits for physically using wet leaves for gardening. [Click Here] to find more info on using wet leaves for composting. Wet leaves also pose a hazard to drivers on the road by providing less traction, so be cautious while driving these next few months.

Following, 23% of you awarded the second place to the smell of Apples, third place to Pickling Spices with 15%, and 8% for the smell of rain. It’s interesting to see that the smell of rain was voted in last place because that would have been my second choice.

Let us know what you think! Have you found any unique ways to incorporate the scent of wet leaves?

Written By: Kaila Li

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