A Scented Instrument? Nothing new…!


The “smell organ” as illustrated by Frank R. Paul in the June 1922 issue of Science and Invention

This week I ran into something really, really, really cool. Have you ever thought of an instrument that can play…scents?? I swear when I read this is I was totally shocked! Although there’s no evidence this was ever actually constructed, the idea is Continue reading

Scents-able Diets

DietIt is a common fact that our ability to taste is disproportionately based on our ability to smell. Seventy-five percent of what we eat is enjoyable in flavor due in part by our personal preferences molded by the strength of our olfactory. Using this knowledge, we can employ the senses all around us to either stimulate or prevent the desire to eat. If you struggle with adapting a new diet, cannot shed however many pounds, or need to put on a healthier weight, the problem can be remedied in more ways than ordinarily considered. Scents are powerful tools to assist Continue reading

Does it smell like November?

Hello everyone! I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The days in November seems to be rolling by faster than I realize (probably for you too). I’ve notice Christmas decorations are already being put up in retail stores and houses all around the Silicon Valley.

I started to notice that in November stores are starting to smell a bit different. When I was strolling through the mall, I instantly Continue reading

Scent for Rehabilitation: Powerful Sense to Cure Traumatic Stress Disorders

The University of Birmingham in the UK and the University of Central Florida in the US have been doing extensive research in the field, but who else out there is working on similar projects?

This week my attention was brought to the topic of virtual reality simulations aimed to military rehabilitation and cure for Continue reading

Boston Museum of Science incoporates scent.

The Boston Museum is making their museum more accessible to people with special learning needs, by adding items you can physically touch, hear and smell. Over the past 25 years they have tried to find ways for everyone to enjoy their museum. It all started out with natural history habitats, where visitors were able to touch things like deer antlers. Soon after that audio descriptions was added and on top of that scent.

They try to be accessible to people with all kinds of learning disabilities, like autism. Continue reading

Scent enabled Cell Phones

So Samsung has just received another patent for a scented cell phone. This will be their third patent, but this one is a bit different than the two previous ones. This phone is planned to have a refilling station when the phone is connected to a dock to recharge. This will recharge the scented sponge in the phone with aromas, but what kinds of scents will be released with this type of phone?

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The Implementation of Scent in Museums

Since the announcement of our product, we have received substantial interest in the ScentScape from museums across the world.  We are so thrilled to receive such a strong interest from curators worldwide!  In our recent conversations we’ve learned that curators believe that scent will strengthen the bridge between the viewer and the exhibit in a meaningful way.

The connection between scent and museums is not new.  Historically, the Odorama exhibit at the Pompidou

The Best of E3

Last year was our first time at E3 and this year we were sad to miss the convention!  It can be such a plethora of innovation all in one place.   So, I’ve been bugging friends and surfing the Internet to find out what I missed.  I am pretty interested in Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends.  But what am I the most excited about?  Samsungs Cloud Gaming!

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