The Scent of Summer

Five Senses - San Leon, TX

Five Senses – San Leon, TX (Photo credit: Daniel Ray)

Summer is in full swing. Memorial Day was weeks ago and the 4th of July feels like a memory.  I love summer, I love every part of it.  I love going to bed one night in the cold end of a California spring and waking up the next morning to find it’s already warm out, that the sun has been up for hours, and not to need to pull on a sweatshirt before hopping out of bed.  For me, summer is always a battery of excitment filling the senses. It seems that every day the colors become more intense, the smells more magnificent, and textures feel more pogniant.

Guess who took the lead?

After the first weekend of the Social Madness competition, we took the lead in our size category! For the full article please [Click Here]

Social Madness is represented by Capital One Spark Business and it shows the best social media growth strategies with local companies. This is at first a local competition but will soon be held in nationwide rounds. More than 50 companies are currently contestants in this competition. Continue reading

We’re on Flickr!

Want to know more about what is happening in the real world of Scent Sciences Corporation? Get to know our company and the team by checking out our brand new Flickr page!  We’ll be posting images of our products, expos we attend, and company outings.  Also, let us know if you have any requests of images related to Scent Sciences.  We’ll try our best to get them up!Our first album highlights the party that was held to celebrate the return of our marketing maven, Carlotta ZorziContinue reading

Cool Products Expo

Hello technology addicts!

We are pleased to share this first article (click here) with you, as we are sure you will find it interesting.

Two weeks ago our team attended the “Cool Products Expo” at Stanford University and we are pleased to say that we received so much positive recognition and appreciation. It was a great way to introduce our product to a new audience, and at the same time to see many other great technological devices. Continue reading