Guess who took the lead?

After the first weekend of the Social Madness competition, we took the lead in our size category! For the full article please [Click Here]

Social Madness is represented by Capital One Spark Business and it shows the best social media growth strategies with local companies. This is at first a local competition but will soon be held in nationwide rounds. More than 50 companies are currently contestants in this competition. You can vote for us via the Silicon Valley Social Madness website, as well as connect with us via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Companies that are leading in the 500+ employee category are Cisco, Adobe and PayPal. In the category with 100-499 employees we have the company Marketo leading, with the Hobee’s California Restaurant coming in second, and NetOptics in third. Now for our category 99 employees and under we have Scent Sciences coming in first, followed by Ninico, and Girls for a Change.

Since this is still an “open” round anything can happen. So please go vote for us! After June 18th these open rounds end, and we go head to head into a bracket-style competition with only the survivors.

Thanks for your support!

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