Scent-Enabled Movie: Poll Results Are Out!

Cover of "Ratatouille [Blu-ray]"

Cover of Ratatouille [Blu-ray]

Thank you to all of our readers that participated in voting for your top pick for scent-enabled movie!  We love your feedback.

This poll was a popular one with lots of votes for Pirates of the Caribbean.  Also, a wild card that was often voted in the “other” category was Pixar’s Ratatouille.  Although we did not consider Ratatouille when creating the poll, I love the idea of scent-enabling this film!  I would love to smell the Parisian kitchen and explore it with Remy!  The cheeses! The sauces!  The spices!

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Scent Marketing: Powerful Point of Sale

“Today’s consumers are constantly being assaulted with marketing messages everywhere they turn, to the point where few register at all, and fewer are remembered for more than a moment.

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Olfactory Art

Nobi Shioya, Seven Deadly Sins

Olfactory art is a term that is new to me this week.  Working for a scent company and keeping a close watch on the art world, I was surprise that I have never heard this term!  Upon finding scholarly article after scholarly article about this topic, I wonder, why has this art form remain hidden from me, and therefore the general public? Despite the manifestos published by the Futurists, the Surrealists, and other post-modern groups, calling for a wider integration of human experience into art, scent elude artists of their time.  Some critics in the past argued that scent remains on the “fringe of aesthetics,” and a “lower sense.”  Could we coin olfactory art as the new folk art, the quaint country cousin, not to be taken too seriously?