How Scent Eases Cold and Flu Symptoms

Lavendar flower

Lavendar flower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Sunday night, it hit.  That scratchy lump feeling in the back of my throat.  Tiredness, achy muscles.  Was it a case of the Mondays coming a day early?  No, I knew that feeling.  I spend most of my weekdays with 24 nine year olds.  So, it was not my first cold of the season, nor would it be my last.  But, now I have the drill down.   I’m a firm believer in using scents to combat colds and flus.

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What if I can’t SMELL?!

Have you ever wondered of how would it feel if you couldn’t see well, taste well, hear well….? From my perspective, that would be an extreme challenge to deal with, especially because I’ve been lucky enough to experience all my senses so far. But have any of you ever wondered how you’d feel if you couldn’t smell properly? Or at least, not being able to easily identify basic smells? This condition is called Anosmia, which is identified as the inability to Continue reading


Summer is slowly coming to an end. Starbucks is bringing back their fall drinks like the Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Yum, one of my faves and this season’s all about different scents and memories. One of the main scents is cinnamon. It’s an ingredient in pumpkin pie, home fragrance companies are starting to make their apple cinnamon scented candles and it’s getting closer to the holidays.

Cinnamomum zeylanicum, cinnamon’s scientific name, originated in Asia. It’s original usage was for traditional medicine and was used in many cultures to treat a variety of disorders like menstrual cramps, arthritis and the common cold.

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