On the Beach

Pacific Ocean

Over the last few months, we have been exploring the types of odours that are found in the natural world; and the environments where we like to meditate, seek peace and wellbeing, or simply feel good. Many of us like to be close to the sea. The sea shore can deliver some unique sensations, depending on the landscape, weather, tides and waters. An intimate, crescent shaped, sandy beach on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean might evoke Continue reading

The Role of Odor in Guided Meditations

In 1982, Arthur Diekman noted that meditation was “the best known technique of mystical science”. Very broadly speaking, there are two types of meditation – and these are concentration and mindfulness. The concentration technique is derived from Yoga, and there are many examples of how we can use this. We can focus our visual attention on an object such as a candle flame, or we might focus on sound, words or mantras. Alternatively we could make physical activity and sensation our focus, maybe breathing or walking. Mindfulness (or insight) meditation is a Buddhist practice, and in contrast is allowing an unbroken, detached attentiveness to any thoughts and Continue reading

Meditation and the Smell of Relax

Have you ever closed your eyes with the hope to open them and finding yourself in the middle of a forest, where everything is natural, untouched and pure?  Or at least, in some other amazing destination…? The answer is probably YES. Continue reading