Jennifer Dublino

                                                                               COO, Scent Marketing Institute

Jennifer Dublino

Jennifer Dublino is an insightful marketing leader who uses a methodical evaluation of the market mixed with creative problem solving to deliver results. A self-reliant entrepreneur for most of her career, she positions herself at the leading edge of new strategies and technologies to meet and exceed her clients’ expectations.

As the COO of the Scent Marketing Institute, she is responsible for running the organization, including strategic leadership and tactical execution, marketing, PR and membership services. She also oversees the ScentWorld Expo, SMI’s annual conference and the largest scent and sensory marketing conference in the world.
During her tenure at SMI, she has gained the financial and advocacy support of the industry, has thrown an extremely successful ScentWorld that was acclaimed by participants from 21 different countries and has generated a huge amount of positive press for the industry. Press coverage includes an article in Reuters, a four-page feature in AdWeek magazine, a front-page story in the Miami Herald, numerous articles in vertical business publications and blogs worldwide and has consulted on an in-progress documentary on scent marketing by CNBC.

Scent marketing, once a competitive strategy jealously guarded by a handful of early adopters, is now exploding into the news and notice of brands and marketing agencies around the world, and the industry is poised for exponential growth.

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