Scent Marketing and Advertising

If you could pick an advertisement to smell on top of hearing and/or seeing it, which one would it be?

In South Korea, Dunkin’ Donuts installed a new scent technology into buses and public transit that would spray the scent of coffee into the air for people to smell. The spray was known as “Flavor Radio” and it was set off by the sound of the company’s advertisement when it played on the buses speakers.

The campaign ran for several months and just recently ended in April. This type of marketing seems to be working because Dunkin’ Donuts saw a 16 percent increase in visitors and their coffee sales went up by 29 percent.

“Sandeep Datta, M.D., Ph.D. and Assistant Professor at the Department of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School said there is an “incredibly direct connection” from the neurons that detect smells and the part of the brain that processes information and associates it with memory.”

If I would have to choose an advertisement, I think I would pick one for a laundry detergent or fabric softener. They always put so much emphasis on the freshly washed fabric smell without the consumer actually being able to smell it but it would really complete the experience for that type of product if all senses were engaged.

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