The Best of E3

Last year was our first time at E3 and this year we were sad to miss the convention!  It can be such a plethora of innovation all in one place.   So, I’ve been bugging friends and surfing the Internet to find out what I missed.  I am pretty interested in Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends.  But what am I the most excited about?  Samsungs Cloud Gaming!

It’s been well stated that the cloud makes life easier, from synchronizing workflow to editing a GoogleDoc with family members across the country.  So I was thrilled to see it move to gaming!  At E3 this year, Samsung in partnership with Gaiaki, released Samsung Cloud Gaming. This will put most of the major games right at our fingertips via Smart TV’s.  I’m happy to think there will soon be a time without downloading, installing and updating.  Now I just need ScentTracksTM for all of the games I will have access to!

What about you?  Did you attend E3 or stay updated via the internet?  We’d love to know your thoughts!  What was the most exciting product or game you saw or heard about this year?

By Heather Norton

Image from Bit Tech


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