Video Games: Therapeutic Benefits?

ImageWhen most people think of video games, it is not usually associated with being positive or beneficial. The first thing that pops into my head when I think of video games is the visual of teenage boys with there eyes glued to the television or computer monitor, wasting endless hours trying to level-up or beat the next boss. Well, times have changed and video games are now being used for medical research.

One interesting tidbit about video games is that in 2011, video games were officially recognized as art, meaning video games are now eligible for grants and other funding.


A new study shows that video games will begin to be used to potentially cure or greatly aid therapy patients with chronic illnesses such as cancer, autism, Parkinson’s, depression, diabetes, and asthma. A recent study published in the Science Translational Medicine journal found that video games can help stimulate the brain in ways that can assist people with these medical conditions. As of right now these therapeutic video games are not compatible with big name consoles such as Microsoft’s XBOX or Playstation 3, but that is hopefully to come in the future.

Being able to use video games to target parts of the brain that will work against chronic illnesses and diseases or a certain diagnosis is a remarkable advance in medicine, but what if we could add smell to these therapeutic video games to help therapy patients.  Research has found that floral scents are linked to increase happiness, while other scents can be used to improve concentration.  With this in mind there could be an endless amount of uses for scents and video games!

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Written by: Kaila Li


2 thoughts on “Video Games: Therapeutic Benefits?

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