Google Nose: Lights on the sense of SMELL!

Google Nose Scent Sciences Scentsation

Google Nose – Are you ready for it?

Have you tried it yet? You know what I’m talking about, can’t you smell it?? It’s Google Nose! The newest feature launched by Google that allows you to add scent to your Search experience. Amazing, isn’t it?? Such a shame though, as.. it’s just an April’s Fool Prank! But is it really…? We are working hard to finalize everything, but we are happy to announce that Scent Sciences has the technology to achieve so! If you were disappointed with the prank, no worries: We are almost ready!

It is interesting reading other articles about Google Nose, such as the Huffington Post and CNET as they wrote: ‘What if? Hasn’t the Internet been unjustly dominated by visual information for too long? Why can’t it convey smells too?’.. So many articles have been written since last night (when Google launched the prank-feature!) and Twitter is going crazy with #GoogleNose related tweets. Coincidence? Or are people truly disappointed that this feature is not real – yet?

How do you feel about it? We are actually all very excited about it, because it means the power of scent is being explored on new platforms, factor that can enrich any kind of experience. As CNET further explained,

Of course, Nose search results would show you what other users have sniffed. Yes some are pretty gross, like “unattended litter box.” But imagine inhaling samples of wine, coffee, chocolate, pizza, or anything you take olfactory delight in.

How about your favorite celebrity?

That’s also gross, but clearly the possibilities are endless. How about real estate: Want to buy that Victorian fixer-upper? It seems like a great deal until you inhale the moldy basement.

And what if you could go around sampling smells as in the video? You could hit all the neighborhood lampposts and bushes and play them back to your dog.

Alas, it is April Fools’ Day. But if this scentsational new communications platform were actually real, what would you search for? We are all excited to know here at Scent Sciences, as we are about to make this real…!

Written by: Carlotta Zorzi

One thought on “Google Nose: Lights on the sense of SMELL!

  1. Ever wish you could search Google by smell? Now you can.
    Google, as per tradition, is out with their latest April Fools’ Day prank to celebrate the practical joke-based holiday.

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