Happy 2013 – Time to Take Off!

2013Happy New Year everyone! We all hope you had nice holidays and celebrations, now it’s time to go back to work for a new and exciting year! Especially here at Scent Sciences…things are getting VERY exciting (and fast-paced!). Looks like the next few weeks are going to be…THE RIGHT ONES! Stay tuned;)

On that note, there is one particular event that here at Scent Sciences we are looking forward to: the ScentWorld expo. Taking place in Downtown New York City from February 6th, 2013 through February 8th, 2013 the ScentWorld expo will be hosting great names in the sensory industry.

Additionally, taken from their website:

ScentWorld is the preeminent and largest scent and sensory marketing conference in the world.  It features two days brimming with cutting edge  lectures and presentations to help you build your business with profitable ideas.  You’ll hear leading minds in scent and sensory market research, technology and trends, and applications,  as well as be inspired by a dynamic exhibition area where top global companies demonstrate their expertise, technology and solutions.

ScentWorld is what industry veterans and those new to scent and sensory marketing need to:

  • Learn about the latest sales and marketing tools for your brands, products and services-Meet companies that can provide you with the best sensory marketing solutions, products and services
  • Connect with people who can help your business and career  with great networking opportunities
  • Develop important leads and contacts
  • Understand how scent and sensory marketing work from the newest scientific perspectives
  • Effectively deploy scent and sensory marketing in current real world situations
  • Keep on top of  changing scent and sensory safety tolerances and issues

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 9.24.32 PM

By following this link you’ll be able to register for the event to sponsor, exhibit or attend.

Finally, Scent Sciences CEO Bill Wiles and VP of Business Development Chris Bowers will attend the event and they’d be delighted to talk with you 🙂

So, as previously mentioned, STAY TUNED and get ready for the newest immersive and most incredible EXPERIENCE of 2013 – Scent Sciences is rrrrrrrREADY to give it to you! 😀


Carlotta Zorzi




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