Happy Holidays from Scent Sciences!


What’s that Christmas smell!?

Happy holidays, dear Scent Sciencers! On behalf of the whole team, I wish you very happy days and a great beginning of the new year. Now, no matter whether you spent these past few days with relatives, eating and sleeping or not, it’d be really interesting to see what kind of scents reminds of Christmas the most. So why not taking part in this poll?

I’m personally really attached to the smell of ‘Pandoro‘, which is a traditional Christmas cake made in Verona, Italy. Its scent reminds me of my childhood and all the Christmas days spent with my family in Italy, before moving to the UK & US. Completely priceless:)



Additionally, I thought it would have been fun for us to see how everyone dealt with shopping this year, considering the increasing use of scent marketing by marketers. Let us know how you chose your presents, it’ll be interesting seeing what element(s) you consider to be relevant while shopping.

Finally, I found a really nice article that talks about the most Christmassy scents! Among them, mt favourite ones are:Woodsmoke, Peppermint and Baking. What about yours?:)

Wishing you a great week, and…just a little teaser…………….stay tuned: 2013 is going to be a NEWLY-SCENTED YEAR!! What does this mean? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn….you’re gonna find out SOON!

Carlotta Zorzi

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Scent Sciences!

  1. Hello I haven’t contacted you guys since August. I see you guys are still not excepting pre-orders yet. Any projection of when units will be available for purchase? With all due respect, please keep it simple and not with the corporate run around responses. Just trying to buy one. Thanks James

    • Dear James & Polistra,

      Thanks for your comments – and happy New Year. We can safely say that we will be able to take initial orders in January/February. Our updated website will be up soon, which will include a “shopping cart” function for orders to be placed.

      Best regards,

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