“Smell” your headache off!

Photo Credit office headache image by John Keith from Fotolia.com

Photo Credit office headache image by John Keith from Fotolia.com

You know that annoying feeling when your head hurts and you feel you can’t think or do anything? Of course you do.

Aromatherapy can be very useful when it comes to natural methods to cure headaches and helps reducing the use of drugs. Livestrong.com specifically said that “essential oils can be used to treat almost any ailment whether physical or emotional”, so why not trying?

Analgesic Effect

Several studies cited by Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska, suggest that the use of essential oils as an alternative treatment therapy may produce a pain-relieving analgesic effect similar to that of acetaminophen. One study examined the effects of peppermint for reducing headache pain in human subjects. Results showed that peppermint oil applied topically produced an analgesic effect, easing the intensity of headache pain.


Many people who have constant headaches use aromatherapy to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Some individuals derive more benefits from aromatherapy than others; therefore, you may have to try different essential oils and blends before finding those that are most effective for relieving your headache symptoms. As long as you experience no adverse reactions from the use of essential oils, keep trying different ones until you find one that works best for you. I personally love ylang-ylang – and now that I’m mentioning it I’ll definitely make sure to personalize my Scent Sciences cartridge as soon as possible.

Essential Oils

Peppermint oil is one of the most common herbs used to alleviate the pain of a headache. Lavender also helps to ease pain, as well as relieve stress. Basil is another essential oil used to reduce the anxiety that can bring on a tension headache. Sandalwood, eucalyptus and rosemary are other natural remedies frequently used to treat headaches. A few drops of lemongrass or chamomile added to a warm bath can produce a calming effect to help your body relax.
Ginger, peppermint, and lemon essential oils are often recommended for headaches accompanied by stomach complaints. Ginger works particularly well for relieving the nausea sometimes brought on by a headache. Always use pure, 100 percent essential oils for therapeutic purposes.


Headaches are caused by a number of different factors. A headache can also be a sign of an underlying condition. Stress, fatigue, feelings of anxiety or depression, sleeplessness and stomach upset can all trigger headaches. See your doctor if you get headaches often or they increase in duration and intensity. Some people who have severe migraine headaches are highly sensitive to scents and touch and therefore should not use aromatherapy.

Have you ever used aromatherapy so far? Do you think it’s effective on you?
Reference: Livestrong

Written by: Carlotta Zorzi

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