Automotive Scent Warning System: A life saver?

Recently, I’ve seen many commercials on Mercedes vehicles and notice that they are promoting a new featured called “Assist Attention,” which helps the vehicle determine when the driver is falling sleep on the road. A long car ride can fatigue the driver, making them more prone to accidents. The new Assist Attention system in Mercedes cars calculates many factors while driving to find out if the driver is falling asleep behind the wheel: how often you interact with controls and switches, determine steering corrections, crosswind and road conditions, and speed control.

Now, can you imagine having scent incorporated into a car like the Assist Attention system from Mercedes, and having drivers alerted by specifics scents if they doze off while driving? Scent Sciences, as the leader in scent technologies, is looking into many technologies to make life safer… through scents!

A long drive by yourself can play a big part in fatigue. Imagine driving to one of your favorite vacations spots, and we all know vacations spots are a bit far away from home. Half way to your vacation spot, you start to doze off and not realize it, instead of the vehicle braking and nudging the steering wheel to wake you up, the vehicle would instead disperse a scent that will catch your attention and wake you up. Braking and having the vehicle nudge the steering wheel would only alert you for a bit, but if there was a scent dispersed while your driving, it will keep you more alert because the scent will stay in your car. Imagine driving and smelling fresh coffee -or bacon!- to keep you awake (I know that this would keep me awake while driving!).

So, what scent do you think would keep you awake while driving? Do you think this could save your life?

References: Mercedes Assist Attention

By: Tin Dao

2 thoughts on “Automotive Scent Warning System: A life saver?

    • Hi George,

      Thanks for your enthusiastic comment!
      This technology is still being planned and tested – we’ll keep you updated!
      What scent would you like to smell to stay awake?


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