Christmas: What Smell Do You Love!

I would first like wish everyone a  very Happy Thanksgiving! I can already smell the aroma of turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, as I write this sentence. Unfortunately this year I won’t be able to partake in the Thanksgiving festivities because I have to work. Luckily I have a wonderful  husband who will be bringing me a plate on my lunch break.

Enough about Thanksgiving, let’s talk about Christmas, one of my favorite holidays! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because of all the wonderful smells that bring back nostalgic memories of when I was a child. The top five smells that remind me of Christmas are pine, peppermint bark, cinnamon, hot chocolate, and chocolate chip cookies. The smell of pine always reminds me of coming home to a warm fire and catching up with

family that we normally do not see often throughout the year. The aroma of peppermint bark reminds me of all those times I came home after school and I would see my mother making 5 to 10 pounds of peppermint bark to give away as holiday favors to friends and family. I always thought it was a little excessive, but my mother insisted on making peppermint bark every year.

Overall, I would say that Christmas is a mixture of different scents. It can be anything, the spirit of Christmas is all about making people happy. As we head into the month of December, take a step back and breathe in the smells that make you the happiest! You will be surprised from all the wonderful memories that you have forgotten and are immediately brought back during this holiday season just by taking a sniff. I hope you all are looking forward to this coming Christmas and can make some new memories with the many different smells of Christmas!

What smells or scents remind you of Christmas? Let us know!

We want to hear from you!

Written By: Kaila Li


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