Humans Can Smell Fear

 A few weeks ago one of our regular bloggers, Tin Dao, wrote about the smell of danger. It was quite interesting to learn that animals are able to communicate through smell and alert one another . A new study has found that humans can actually smell fear and disgust, two emotions that can be regularly expressed.

Research shows that fear “…leads us to breathe in more through our noses, enhances our perception, and accelerates our eye movements so that we can spot potentially dangerous targets more quickly.”

Maybe we are not that different from animals after all, in how we can communicate. If there was a way to channel the smell of fear, it could potentially help people who end up in sticky situations.  Researchers were able to collect this data by collecting sweat samples from men who watched “fear-inducing or disgust-inducing” movies. Women were then brought in to perform a visual search task and when exposed to the scent of fear, their eyes opened widely in a fearful expression. When exposed to the scent of disgust their noses immediately crinkled.

It’s fascinating to think that there is now another way for humans to communicate because there has not been any previous research on this topic. It is sort of mind-blowing because not only can we communicate through sight and sound, but now through smell!

Let us know what you think! Do you think we will be able to better utilize communication through smell in the future?

Sources: [Click Here]

Written By: Kaila Li

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