Scent of lavender: Mothers best friend

Are you a new mother? And your baby is keeping you up at night? Well what if I told you there is a home remedy that is found to reduce stress, crying and enhance sleep for young infants (and yourself).

I envy all of you mothers out there who have new born infants that keep you up at night, because I know I wouldn’t be able to do that. I live with a 19-month-old baby and he’s already starting his “terrible twos.” But I never remembered him crying as much when he was an infant (so I got lucky there).

A study shows that the scent of lavender can help your infant when it comes to sleeping; not only your infant, but also you mothers. I know that some of you mothers out there only get a few hours of sleep each night, but what if you were able to get more sleep by just adding the scent of lavender in your home, wouldn’t it be wonderful?

A study that took place at the Touch Research Instituted in Miami, Florida, had three groups of mothers and their babies ranging from one-week to four-weeks bathing their babies using either scented or unscented bath oil. Following the bath, the babies would be placed in bassinet to sleep and videotaped for 20 minutes to monitor their sleeping behaviors.

The study showed that mothers who are also exposed to the smell are more relaxed and tended to smile more. Mothers would touch their babies more and the babies would look at their mothers more. It also showed that the infant behaviors changed, the infant that was exposed to the smell of lavender were in a deep sleep a greater percentage of the time compared to the infants that was not exposed to lavender.

So if these data suggested that infants with irritability and sleep problems could be calmed by the scent of lavender and experience a more restful sleep, why doesn’t your house smell like lavender?

Reference: Lavender Aroma Shown to Reduce Stress and Crying and Enhance Sleep in Infants

By: Tin Dao

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