So Do You Think It’s (Real) Fart?

Sometimes we can guess that smell without seeing it.  I think you know what I am talking about … fart! It is the unpleasant, funny and disgusting scent that we all want to avoid.  And I know some people who fart frequently.  According to, a fart is made of gas which results from undigested food, swallowed air or lactose intolerance.  That’s why it’s important to chew or check our food carefully.

This newspaper stand at San Jose State University captured my attention.  I’m not sure if this was done purposely or vandalized (it was supposedly Spartan Daily). That made me wonder if it is possible to ScentEnable this particular odor and incorporate that to our personal gadgets, home theaters, and so on.  But why a fart scent? It’s simple – it leaves us unforgettable memories.  How many of us have had more funny than bad experiences from it? We just laugh at it every time we remember those moments.

As a matter of fact, there is a fart inspired candle made by Original Man Candle.  Did you also know that our pets fart too? Soyworx and BluesCityCandles created an interesting scent – monkey’s fart.  I haven’t tried them yet. I can only tolerate the ones that smell like cracked hardboiled eggs.  The next time you smell a fart, look around you because someone might be using the Scent Sciences technology on their iPad or tablet.

by: Christina Salacup


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