Scent and Job Interviews: Where’s the Connection?

How often have you got yourself ready for an interview, left the house and then suddenly realized that you forgot to wear your perfume or cologne? Well, it happens. But try not to make it happen again.  You many not think about it, but the power of scent is incredible – especially when it comes to non-verbal communication. But that’s not all! An onion-based lunch couldgive your potential boss the wrong impression according to new research presented in May at the Association for Psychological Science annual meeting. “There’s a lot of research that’s begun now, where people are looking at how the environment affects our well-being,” said Jeannette Haviland-Jones, of Rutgers University in New Jersey. “We tend to think of ourselves as separate from the environment, but we’re not. We create our environment.” (NBC News).

Have you ever thought about it before? After a research on 65 undergraduate volunteers in which participants were asked to “form an impression” of the personality of a silhouette that either smelled like onion, or lemon or nothing, “Participants smelling onion perceived the silhouette as having increased manliness, while lemon scents were linked with participants thinking of the silhouette as more feminine, clean and pleasant.” (NBC News).

And what about mood in the office? “Another set of experiments, conducted by Haviland-Jones, determined how a non-detectable level of flower scent influenced people’s behaviors.” After assessing rooms with smell of mime, flowers, baby-powder or non-scented air, “participants in the florally scented room used about three times as many happiness-related words in their writings” and were more inclined to interaction.

So what is this, scent as a mood manipulator? Looks like it. But what’s your position about this topic?

Reference: NBC News 

Written by Carlotta Zorzi


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