Scents: The Next Big Thing on e-Books?

Do you love reading novels? It is interesting how technology changed the way we read. Well, I used to be a fanatic, and this was way back in the comics’ days. Fast-forward, and I’m still one of those who prefers to read novels in the traditional way. Actually, I have been thinking of getting an e-book for awhile. My interest in it came back today when I thought about the possibility of having a ScentEnabled version.

So I did some online research, and I found these two companies that replicate the smell of physical books: DuroSport and Wallpaper. It might convince those people like me to switch into e-readers.  It sounds interesting, but I’m not after the paper scent.  Imagine reading a novel on Kindle or Nook, and the scents activate when you click certain words on pages, like chocolate or sea.

I read novels in different genres: fictional, non-fictional, and so on.  According to Pew Research Institute, people read books for a variety of reasons.  The survey states that 15% of readers are motivated by its creative theme – something that takes them to a different dimension.  I would love to read all the “Harry Potter” novels again in a futuristic way. Do you think that scents will enhance your reading experience? I’m excited to hear your thoughts!

By Christina Salacup


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