Wasabi Smoke Alarm

I was browsing news articles about “scent technology” and I came across one about Japanese researchers who won the lg Nobel prize last year for inventing a smoke alarm that sprays a wasabi scent. This is supposed to alert people who have a hearing disability that there is danger. Makoto Imai, and his six other teammates said at this device is a life saver. They also discovered the ideal density of airborne wasabi to awaken sleepers in crisis. They had to figure out how much they could use of the scent without it being potent but yet still awake someone who is sleeping. The scent is not very tolerable but that’s okay since it’s supposed to warn you of danger. What do you think about it? Isn’t scent incredibly powerful? The time for scent is finally arrived. And we can’t wait to lead the sciences and technologies behind it!

Kat Neubrand

One thought on “Wasabi Smoke Alarm

  1. Seems rather silly. You need a smoke alarm when the smoke is too far away to smell. Otherwise you can smell the fire itself. If the smoke is too far to smell, the wasabi will also be too far to smell.

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