The Sweet Smell of Chocolate

Hello everyone! My name is Tin Dao and I will be a new blogger for Scent Sciences. So look for future blogs by me!

I know that many of you love eating chocolate. I know that for a fact I splurge on chocolate a little too much…but

to many people chocolate is a comfort food.

But what if I told you that you didn’t need to eat chocolate and that the scent of it can actually make you happy. It happens to be that the scent of chocolate actually stimulates the mind and triggers a happy thought. Studies have shown that the smell of chocolate has a broader effect than any other scent that gets the brain to have a positive response.

The scent of chocolate is also linked to romance due to the response from the brain. We can all say that this scent is a pleasurable smell and can often leads to us indulge our self with a chocolate bar. But we don’t have to eat chocolate as the smell will give us energy, help us relax and put a smile on all of our faces.

Finally, the scent of chocolate is also known to trigger child hood memories. All I know is that if I smell chocolate, it’s going to trigger my appetite.

So what does the scent of chocolate remind you of? Let us know!


By: Tin Dao

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