Sleeping with Scents

Hello everyone! I would first like to introduce myself; my name is Kaila Li. I am going to be one of the new regular bloggers for Scent Sciences, so watch out for my blog posts during the next few months!

How many of you out there have issues with falling asleep at night or getting a good night’s rest? I can personally say that I struggle with this issue almost every night. I guess you can call me a certified night owl. Having to juggle going to school in the mornings, working in the evenings, making my way to the office for my internship, and squeezing in basketball on Tuesday nights for an adult league I have joined, I find myself averaging 5 to 6 hours of sleep each night.

Today in society working long hours and sleeping less is not uncommon. With all the responsibilities and commitments people take on each day, stress is the likely factor to cause sleep deprivation. Two new research studies suggest that the scents of lavender and jasmine can help improve sleep in men and women. In one study by the Sense of Smell Institute at Wesleyen University, Dr. Namni Goel found that the scent of lavender worked better for women even though the study showed improved sleep for both genders. In the second study by Wheeling Jesuit University, Dr. Bryan Raudenbush found that the effects of jasmine scent “led to greater sleep efficiency and reduced sleep movement.” “In addition, level of alertness in the jasmine odor condition was greater during the afternoon hours…”

Here are some ways to incorporate jasmine and lavender scents into your bedroom.

  • Try tucking a lavender sachet under your pillow
  • Spray your bedroom with a light fragrance containing jasmine or lavender a few minutes before bedtime
  • Use detergents and fabric treatments containing jasmine or lavender
  • After your evening shower, apply body lotion containing a sleep enhancing scent

Do you think you will incorporate jasmine or lavender into your sleep realm?

What other scents do you think can help improve sleep?

Let us know what you think or if you have any other ideas!

To read more on the research behind this study [Click Here]

Written by: Kaila Li


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