Scent of a Winner?

Last week I wrote about cinnamon, this week I would like to turn to peppermint. Now I know that it is a little early to be thinking about peppermint as it does bring on memories about the winter holidays and yet another one of my favorite Starbucks creations the Peppermint Mocha (which I’m also super excited for this season). This blog post is about the athletic performance that peppermint can enhance.

Many athletes turn to supplements and sport drinks to enhance their performance, as well as banned pills, but new research might suggest that another performance enhancer might be right under their noses. The scent of peppermint does not only enhance mood and motivation during physical activity but it also boosts performance. When people are in a better mood they are more willing to go the extra mile during a workout. This however won’t improve skills, but athletes were able to work out harder, do more pushups and run faster.

So next time you get ready for a run or hit the gym, maybe try sniffing some peppermint oil beforehand and see if it really works.


Written by Kat Neubrand


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