Scent Sciences Open House – A Big Success!

On Friday, August 24 Scent Sciences Corp. welcomed more than 100 people in the new office based in Santa Clara. The gathering involved mainly investors and partners, but many friends of Scent Sciences took part to the celebration, too. The event was aimed to show all the progress Scent Sciences has made so far, and thanks to the cooperation of many people we had great food,
wine and technology demos.

Everyone enjoyed the BBQ -&-wine afternoon, and someone even showed up with original drinks from their traditional country – fact that made the event even more international. CEO Bill Wiles expressed his enthusiasm during the event: “We are very glad to see all of you here today” said Bill. “Thanks for all your support, thanks to you Scent Sciences is almost ready to launch the product!”

It was definitely a successful day, and there will be more to come. Check out the complete set of pictures from the event on Flickr!

Written by Carlotta Zorzi


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