Scent Sciences at Turner Broadcasting, Atlanta

On July 10th, Scent Sciences’ CEO Bill Wiles flew into Atlanta as guest to attended a Turner Broadcasting event aimed to provide Turner’s divisions with exposure to the “Top Technologies for the Future”.

Mr. Wiles met executives, creative directors, engineers, and a whole host of very creative people – a great audience for Scent Sciences!
The SSC exhibit was full from before the
opening to 1/2 hour after it closed. Scent Sciences received many compliments and the same comment came up more than once: “I’ve been waiting for weeks to see/smell this! It’s finally here!”. Other people said that they heard everyone talking about it, and this makes us very happy! There was a lot of good feedback and suggestions, as well as many groups saying: “We are going back and work on how to integrate this platform into our projects”. How great is that? All this enthusiasm is an engine for our team!
“Being one of the seven companies picked to be exposed to all the Turner divisions is a big win for Scent Sciences,” said Wiles. “These people truly got the impact of scent in the digital media and communication world”.
Furthermore, thanks to this appearance at Turner Broadcasting the Bay Area CNN team is interested in interviewing the Scent Sciences team.

Isn’t this exciting? We are really happy and pleased, this was a great success!

Written by Carlotta Zorzi


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