How would you perfume these photos?

Le Louvre, London National Gallery, Uffizi, SFMOMA, NY Guggenheim… Many times I’ve stopped in front of great pieces of art and started wondering what the painter was thinking about while painting it (in a positive sense….most of the times!), in which environment he/she painted it, what kind of feelings he/she was trying to convey with it.. and so which kind of scents he/she wanted us to think about.
Has it ever happen to you? So today’s post  is mainly a game, as I’m curious to know how you would scent-enable a few of my favorite masterpieces.

Rene Magritte – Empire of Light

Sandro Botticelli – Nascita di Venere

Pablo Picasso – Guernica

Van Gogh – The Starry Night

Claude Monet – Les Coquelicots

Edvard Munch – The Scream

What’s the painting that you can “smell” the most? What scents can you feel or perceive?

I’m looking forward to hear all your interesting perpectives, there’s certainly much to discuss! 🙂

Written by Carlotta Zorzi


3 thoughts on “How would you perfume these photos?

    • Hi Polistra!
      You’re right, his gardens were source of inspiration for his paintings. And to be honest, I wouldn’t mind smelling what he probably smelled while painting them… Summer times sitting in a garden, wow!


      • You can still visit Monet garden, you know.
        The weather is ok these days so if you can pay you a ticket to France, come to Giverny and smell – for real.

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