The Scent of Summer

Five Senses - San Leon, TX

Five Senses – San Leon, TX (Photo credit: Daniel Ray)

Summer is in full swing. Memorial Day was weeks ago and the 4th of July feels like a memory.  I love summer, I love every part of it.  I love going to bed one night in the cold end of a California spring and waking up the next morning to find it’s already warm out, that the sun has been up for hours, and not to need to pull on a sweatshirt before hopping out of bed.  For me, summer is always a battery of excitment filling the senses. It seems that every day the colors become more intense, the smells more magnificent, and textures feel more pogniant.

During the winter, the thought of summer enables me not to hate the darkness at 4:30pm. Or the wet rainy Saturdays when you can’t go outside, summer remains in the back of my mind, saying,”Remember me, I’ll be back soon.”  Begining in the spring, I’ll walk outside and suddenly smell something; something that teases the sense and gives a gentle nod to the season begining to peak out.
So what is the smell that makes us think, “summer”? For most people that took our poll it was the smell of the campfire, it’s musky release of energy.  Perhaps it reminds people of spending time with family and friends. For other people that took our poll, their thoughts were evenly split between tomatos, sea, and sunscreen. We had some other responses too, including cut grass, lawnmowers, and flowers.  I love all of these smells, I love the promise they propose of being outside, of spending time with our loved ones.
Thank you to our readers that participated in our summer time scent poll!  We love hearing from you.
Didn’t have time to vote?  Let us know your thoughts, what smell reminds you of summer.
Wishing our readers a wonderful rest of the summer!

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