The Power of your Nose

Chicago Tribune

The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago released a study claiming that the smell of jasmine improved the batting for some major league baseball players. They gave players from the Chicago White Sox armbands with the scent of jasmine and assessed their mechanics, which improved due to the scent. Jasmine is able to increase reaction time in subjects studied. Dr. Alan Hirsch who conducted this study, did also a study on bowling. Bowlers who wore a mask with jasmine bowled better than those who wore a plain mask. Hirsch says that jasmine activates a part in our brain that makes us more alert and focused.

There are also studies done on other scents that could be useful in everyday ailments. Here is a list of those scents:

To Reduce Stress: Cucumber and green apple.

Relaxation: Vanilla and lavender.

Improve learning ability: Mixed floral scent.

Increase your libido: Men- lavender, pumpkin pie, and doughnuts. Women- Cucumber

Written by Kat Neubrand


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