Scent Marketing: Powerful Point of Sale

“Today’s consumers are constantly being assaulted with marketing messages everywhere they turn, to the point where few register at all, and fewer are remembered for more than a moment.

How can forward-thinking marketers break through the clutter? Sensory marketing is the answer.” (

Many studies on scent have been conducted so far, and the result is becoming more and more certain: scent is a powerful tool that can serve to recall memories and positive feelings. Given that, innovative brands have started including scent marketing into their strategies. A fun and recent example of how scent helped a food company in the UK to increase their awareness and sales by placing the smell of backed potatoes into bus stops. Interesting. A similar sensation happens to me every time I walk by a pizza place: as soon as I smell tomato mixed with mozzarella and fresh ingredients I feel like melting – and I instantly buy a slice.

Has it ever happend to you? If yes, don’t be too surprised and take a look at this video..

So now it’s your turn: 

What’s your position about scent marketing? Let us know your thoughts!

Written by Carlotta Zorzi

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