Scent and Movies: The Next Dimension of Entertainment

Eadweard Muybridge & his “flying horse”, Black & White films, piano as soundtrack, the introduction of written & spoken dialogues, colors, motion seats until the introduction of 3D, film technology kept evolving and improving. But what’s missing?
…What if you could watch Avatar and smell the wild forest? Or maybe The Notebook, and being able to smell Ryan Gosling under the rain? (Sorry, I had to say that). Well, this is what Scent Sciences is working on: bringing the next dimension of entertainment. This concept of completely immersive environment relates to the purpose of appealing to the deepest of our senses: smell.
Scent can easily recall personal souvenirs and it helps your memory connecting the dots.. So can you imagine watching some of your favorite films scent-enabled in a way to enhance their best moments?

Here’s a TOP 10 FILMS that I personally can’t wait to smell:

1. Memoirs of a Geisha (cherry blossoms, rain, japanese great!)

2. The Piano (wet forest, ocean, dust, skin)

3. Braveheart (mug, sweat, passion and loveee)

4. Harry Potter (THE WHOLE SAGA! Who wouldn’t love smelling magic??)

5. Eat Pray Love (ITALY! food, countryside, summer, joss sticks)

6. Midnight in Paris (is it possible…smelling the colors?:))

7. Spiderman (rain, spiderman’s suit, blood, wet asphalt)

8. Pride & Prejudice (open fields, old clothes, lakes, horses)

9. City of God (ocean, gun fire, sweat, dirt, mug)

10. The Notebook, Crazy Stupid Love, Blue Valentine, The Ides of March (Ryan Gosling)

So now tell me, what are your TOP 3 films that you’d love to SMELL? It’s time to create the scent-tracks! 🙂

Written by Carlotta Zorzi 


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