Sniff your way to Love!

ImageThere is a new dating service available that is based on scent. These get-togethers ask guests to submit a slept in t-shirt, that will be smelled by others. That way you can pick up a partner by scent. “Researchers have shown that humans can use scent to sort out genetic combinations that could lead to weaker offspring.” Since scent is such a powerful tool, research suggests that the human nose can detect certain chemicals that will allow us to pick a mate based on genes that are different from ours. This dating service let’s people pick a scent they like and then they get to meet the owner of the shirt and see where that takes them. These pheromone parties, as they are called, attract a lot of folks, but they don’t seem that successful. You can’t just choose a partner based on their scent. Yet people were still curious and chatted amongst themselves as they continued to smell different t-shirts, and even though scent wasn’t enough to pick a mate with, it was a great conversation starter.

So, what perfume or cologne attracts you?

For the full article [Click Here]


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