Poll Results are In!

It is widely believed that our olfactory sense triggers the brain to recall memories.  This statement got our team thinking, what does our childhood smell like?  I think it is fascinating that each of us had different ideas when it came the the smell of our childhood.  Perhaps, this is what makes “the smell of childhood” as individual as each of our experiences.

Personally, if I could bottle my childhood into a perfume there would be the distinct odor of chlorine, with undertones of plastic Barbie Dolls and the waxy-ness of crayons.  These aromas quickly transport me to early morning swim practice, afternoons playing with my sister and completing school art projects.

Yesterday was the close of our first poll, “What is your favorite childhood scent?”  And it was fascinating to observe how split the results are, truly demonstrating the individuality of our readership!

For 40% of our readers, the smell of wet grass was the strongest scent of their childhood.  I wonder if these readers were athletes in their youth who spent years on the soccer or football field.  Or perhaps they had a large backyard for family gatherings and played tag, kick the can, or touch football until dusk.

Lavender was the second most popular smell, with 30% of the votes.  I wonder if these readers had lavender in their backyard, or perhaps their parents used it as aromatherapy to calm a tantrum?

30% of our readers had other childhood scents; I especially loved the response of “wet road dust” and “mesquite.”  Both of these scents clearly denote childhood memories.  Can you picture the summer barbeques one reader remembers?  Or the memory of wet road dust on a summer car trip another reader might be referring to?

Did you vote?  I’d love to hear what memories correlate with your childhood scent!
If you didn’t vote, what smell reminds you of your childhood?

Also, we’ll have our new poll up next week and we can’t wait to hear your opinions!

By Heather Norton

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2 thoughts on “Poll Results are In!

  1. Hello Heather after a little research I have found a few different companies that have pursued this technology such as Digiscents and Trisenx in the past but have seemed to come up a little short. Is Scent Sciences associated with any of these companies? And how do you will think Scent Sciences will succeed when these companies have apparently failed? Thanks James

    • Hi James,

      It is great to hear from someone who has so much background knowledge in the scent industry! It is correct that Digiscents and Trisenx have pursued this technology. There were two struggles that both of these companies faced when they were exploring the scent market. First, at the time, the technology was still too expensive. Second, the target markets had not yet developed an interest in 4D technology.

      In past few years, we have seen a maturity of the market, similar to the developments of 3D in the entertainment market. Also, we have had the great advantage of meeting individuals from these prior companies and they have given us valuable advice from the success and challenges they experienced. We are also thrilled to have found ways to significantly lower the price of the player to $69.99.

      Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks for stopping by!

      Best regards,
      Heather Norton

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