Chemical Senses

The chemical senses, smell and taste, round out our remaining senses – vision, hearing, and touch.  These last two are referred to as the chemical senses since they are initiated by small, discrete chemical compounds that reach our nose and/or our tongue.  In fact all of the taste sensations other than sweetsoursaltybitterumami (savory) involve smelling due to the odor/taste molecules reaching the olfactory epithelium in the nose after they travel through the back of the throat.As children many of us were told to close our eyes and to “pinch” our nose and then identify the flavor of the ice cream that we received “sight unseen.”   Without opening our eyes and/or “liberating” our noses we were never able to truly identify the flavor!

Scent Sciences Corporation can now offer the capability of experiencing both the 4th and 5th senses thereby expanding our range of multi-media experiences beyond sight, sound, and touch.

If you were to watch a movie clip and then re-watch the same clip but now with the smells and tastes added you would likely be surprised at the degree to which you are “absorbed into the fabric of the movie” only to become aware of your “separateness” once the clip ended.  Scent that is added with experiential accuracy deeply connects us with our “present” and this immersive, magical, dream-like reality abruptly disappears when the clip and/or the scent experience ends.  We look forward to sharing this with you soon!  If you have any questions about taste, smell, fragrance or flavor please let us know and we will do our best to answer them in future articles.

Article written by Jerry Bertrand, Guest Contributor

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2 thoughts on “Chemical Senses

  1. Intriguing to think of experiencing a movie with scent. I will be happy to pay for those movie tickets. Jane Hilliard

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