Working on the Sweet Smell of Success

Check out this article about scent and the artist/chemist named Sissel Tolaas [Click Here]

Scent is one of the least valued senses compared to sight and hearing, but more and more people are starting appreciate its value. It is starting to be incorporated in all kinds of different fields.

Tolaas has participated in major art exhibitions, like one called Fear 01/21- Smell of Fear, Fear of Smell. She re-created the smell of sweat from 21 different men, who were all suffering from major phobias. The chemical scent was then mixed with paint and painted on different panels that were hung on the walls of the exhibition. Visitors were then able to rub the walls to release the scents.

Tolaas doesn’t create perfume fragrances, but rather smell of things like David Beckham’s boots or “Swedish smells” for Volvo and Ikea. She believes that scent can be used for education, business and health. She says: “”All smells have a reference and, I believe, can be used as tools to help children learn. Once trained, our olfactory systems can provide another valuable source of knowledge. Smell is great at triggering memory, informing us and building our environment.”

What do you think would happen if we train the nose to do more than just breathe in and out?


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